SEO Services

Today, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most essential part of website development. With almost 86% of people finding their links to new websites through search engine, SEO has become a critical component in website development.

We at lay special emphasizes on Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing techniques while designing or redesigning a website.

We have a dedicated Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing team that ensure your website is submitted to various important directories; whereas our experienced technical writing team provide quality web content and also articles for posting in various categories such as forums, blogs etc. This increases traffic to your website and acts as a catalyst in inviting more customers and thereby improving business prospects.

We offer both on-site and off-site services including offshore services in a professional and cost effective manner. Our offshore services are provided at an hourly competitive rate of (INR) Rs. 400 to Rs.800. For onsite services please feel free to contact us.

Search Engine Optimization

•    Website Optimization

•    Content writing/Editing

•    Keyword Research

•    Link Popularity/ Link Building

•    Page Rank Reporting and Monitoring

Internet Marketing Services

•    Pay-Per-Click Management Services

•    Goggle AdSense

•    Affiliate Program

•    Professional Search Engine Submission

•    Directory Submission

•    Email Marketing

•    Banner Advertising

•    Press Release Submission, Manual Article Submission

•    Trade Board, Message Board & Classified Ads submission

Search Engine Optimization Process

Search Engine Optimization is the process of refining a website for better visibility and ranking in a search engine. It is a marketing strategy, as top rankings in a search engine would not only boost the volume of traffic but also increases business prospects.

We have a dedicated team specializing in search engine optimization. For effective search engine optimization we concentrate on the following key factors that influence ranking of a website in a search engine.

1. Keyword Research

People enter keywords in search engines to find links to websites that provide them the required results. These keywords form the basis for ranking of the website in any search engine. Hence, it is imperative to identify keywords and incorporate them in the web content.

We at have an effective methodology for keyword research or keyword analyzes. Our step-by-step methodology in identifying keywords is as follows:

We first chart out all the possible keywords of your business.

Then we try them in the various search engines and look for their relevance with respect to other websites of similar business.

By trying them in search engines, we simultaneously check for the accuracy of your keywords and make necessary alterations accordingly.

We then short list the keywords that could be included or incorporated in the headings and content of your web page.

Since proper identification and utilization of these keywords form the basis for website ranking we ensure effective keyword research or keyword analyzes for incorporation in the headings and content of the web page.

2. Content Writing

In any Website, content is the king as it explains all information about your product or services and in tune with it, most popular search engines analyze the content of the website for rankings.

We at understand the importance of content and provide quality content – incorporating keywords – through our experienced technical writers. Our content will provide great reputation to your company as quality content will lure potential candidates/clients and convert them into customers. Our technical writers provide content that will greatly influence the readers to hold on to the website and visit them frequently.

To achieve high quality content our technical writing team will ensure that:

    The web content is grammatically correct.

    Is interesting to read, with clear and concise sentences.

    The sentences are short and simple.

    The tense and voice are consistent through out the content.

    The facts, figures, quotes and other important messages are accurate.

    The content is unique and not copied from other websites.

We also make sure that the content is short and concise as most of the people surfing the net would not be spending too much time reading the website. It greatly influences whether candidates hold on or jump to other links.

We also ensure that the keywords are used at the optimum level in the content as too much incorporation of keywords will tend to identify the website as spam.

Our technical writing team also has rich experience in copywriting and we also undertake copyediting tasks in a cost-effective manner.

3. Link Popularity

Link popularity is the total number of website that links to your site. It is an important factor used by search engines to determine a website´s ranking. In general, the number of links increases the popularity of your site and gives more visibility in search pages. They also determine the authenticity of the website and considerably boost the ranking on a search engine.

Our dedicated search engine optimization team ensures link popularity of your site by increasing internal, incoming and outgoing links.

Internal links

We provide internal links that enables the user to navigate through the website and access all the information available in the website. Search engines use this internal links for scrolling through the content and ranking the website.

We provide effective navigation or internal links that will enable the search engine to scroll through the entire content and evaluate the quality of the website. This will considerably increase the ranking of the website.

Incoming links

Incoming links or back links are links from other websites. We at submit your website in various directories, forums, blogs, etc. and ensure maximum back links to your website. Back link is a key factor that search engines evaluate while ranking the website.

Search engines judge the credibility and authenticity of website through the number of incoming links. The ranking of the websites that provide link to your sites will also be evaluated by search engines. So links from popular sites will increase the ranking of your website. We ensure that your site is submitted to related and high profile directories, forums, blogs, etc.

Outgoing links

We provide outgoing links to other website as per client´s requirements. Outgoing links provide more information to the readers and hence it is highly rated by search engines while determining the rankings. We also ensure that the links provided are relevant to the contents of the website, since non-relevant links prove counter productive and affect ranking directly. Our search engine optimization team maximizes the outgoing and incoming links and ensures popularity of your website.

We at undertake effective Search Engine optimization incorporating the above facts and ensure that your website is highly ranked by search engines. This increases traffic to your website and acts as a catalyst in inviting more customers and thereby improving business prospects.

Internet Marketing Services

We offer a wide range of internet marketing services that increases traffic to your website and target your customers.

Pay-Per-Click Management Services

Pay-per-click (PPC) offers your website being displayed in search engines based on selected keywords. Search engines display your website when the selected keywords are entered. You need to pay-per-click for every visitor who enters your website through that display.

In this scenario, we at provide you assistance in determining the keywords for your website. Keywords without exact relevance to your business will prove costly. We also assist you in getting cost-effective pay-per-click ads. We offer constant monitoring of the PPC ads and ensure that it is not misused by search engines or other sites.

Google Adsense

Google AdSense is the process of letting Google WebSearch toolbar in your website. It is similar to pay-per-click services, but since visitor enters the related sites using Google WebSearch toolbar in your website, Google offers you a part of their ad income to you. Hence, by Google AdSense you can earn more ad revenue with minimal effort and with no additional cost.

We assist you in getting good return on Google AdSense and at the same time suggest specific competitors or specific advertisers related to your business to be filter out of the search results using COMPETITIVE AD FILTER option. We also recommend appropriate default ad in case if Google is unable to serve targeted ads on your page exercising CUSTOMIZABLE DEFAULT ADS option. We therefore ensure a good return on your website utilizing Google AdSense.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program is the process of placing ads of other websites/services in your website. So when a visitor enters the advertised website through your site, you will get ad revenue with no additional cost. This ad revenue can be of pay-for-a-click, percentage of the sales amount or pay for joining in their database.

We enable you to identify potential ad placers in your website and also suggest placing your ads in related websites. Proper placement of ads in related websites will increase the traffic and boost your business. On the other hand, we assist you in getting good ad placers for your site and thereby increase your ad revenues.

Email Marketing

We offer marketing services through distribution of information about products, services, feedback or survey through email. We collect email addresses of customers and potential customers and then distribute information through newsletters or mass mailing about the company’s product or services. This is a cost-effective method of marketing.

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is the placement of ads on specific websites for a fee. We assist you on selection of websites with relevance to your business product or services and ensure placement of ads on the selected website.

Online Submission

We provide services on online submission such as Manual Article submission, Trade Board, Message Board & Classified Ads submission.

Our online submission services include press release distribution, article submission, comments posting, making announcements in discussion forums and blogs. This type of internet marketing increases more traffic to your website.