Web Design

We at OrreryHIM.com, lay special emphasizes on website design as it forms the base for website development. More than the coding and programming involved in the development stage it is the website design that attracts the visitors and induces them to browse through your site by providing user friendly screens. Hence, to make the website attractive, readable and understandable, we follow a step-by-step approach laying importance on the following factors:


Our teams of website designers discuss the layout and other requirements with the clients through a well-thought out process involving active consultation, participation and involvement of all stakeholders.

Through this, OrreryHIM.com offers a comprehensive layout of the website design incorporating all the essential features/services of the company for review and suggestion. These suggestions are then included in the website design creating a strong base for website designing and development.

Images & Animations

We use the latest technologies and standards in capturing and processing images. We use cascading style sheet and flash images to increase the aesthetic value of your website. We also design logos for your company.

Images and animations are an important factor in retaining the readers in the internet. They make the web page attractive and interesting to read. We at OrreryHIM.com ensure that the images and animations are in tune with the content of the website and also ensure incorporating ALT Tag to make the images search engine friendly.

Text & Colors

Our website designers’ concentrate on the selection of text and colors in the website as certain fonts and colors will not be reader friendly. We also make sure that the text and colors have relevance to the clients’ needs or client’s logo and are consistent through out the website. We use fonts and colors that are reader-friendly and pleasing to the visitors.


We design websites with effective navigation systems that makes websites reader-friendly. Navigations are links that enables readers to identify the required information with in a website or through a guide/external website as per specifications of clients. An effective navigation design makes a reader jump to related topics and enables to browse through the web content easily.

Our approach to web designing provides clients with a quality and effective design that would be interesting to the readers.