Website Development

Website development is the key for a safe and secured website. In today’s world of e-commerce it is of paramount importance in developing a website that is fool-proof.

We at Systems and Solutions provide online system development like e-commerce, real estate, web portal and customer relationship management websites that cater to a wide range of business needs such as business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) solutions.

We offer B2B and B2C website development solutions that feature:

•    Extensive Catalog Management

•    Back-end Enterprise Resource Planning

•    Interactive Shopping Carts

•    Supply Chain Integration

•    Complete, Secure Ordering Capabilities

•    B2B Integration

•    B2B Exchanges

•    Customer Relationship Management

•    Coding / Web Programming

Once the website design is finalized, we undertake the crucial part of website development.

During website development we convert the layout / design from HTML and add coding, web programming as per client’s technical specifications and requirements. This includes:

•    Enabling navigation links and drop down menus.

•    Incorporating logo, images and text content.

•    Creation of web pages as required apart from home page, about us, site map and feed back/contact us pages.

•    Defining the font face, size, style and color.

•    Modifying design (if required at development stage) using templates.

•    Developing online web application based on customer requirement.

•    Developing Reliable, Scalable and Secure Online Systems.

Technical Specifications

We offer website design and development services as per clients technical specifications. We have professional expertise in the following technologies:

Website Design and Development

HTML, DHTML, Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, Adobe Photo Shop/ Imageready, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft FrontPage, VB Script, VB.Net, ASP.NET, PHP, AJAX, JAVA, JSP, Java Script and Perl.

Database management tools

Oracle, Sybase, SQL, SQL Server, IMS, DB2, T SQL, PL/SQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access and RPG.

Quality Assurance / Testing

We undertake extensive testing of the developed website. Our testing parameters include:

•    Coding and Programming Test

•    Navigation Link Test

•    Content check for Grammar & Spelling

•    Browser Compatibility Test

•    Screen Resolution Test

•    Search Engine Readiness Test

•    Security Check

•    Usability Test

•    Unit, System, Integration, Regression and front to back tests etc.

Safety & Security

Today with various forms of hacking, a non-secured website or a website without fool-proof coding/programming has a potential risk towards safety and security of the entire database of sensitive information. We lay special emphasizes both at the development stage and during our testing phase to ensure that the coding and programming are well-designed to prevent any breach of security.

We follow Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol and use appropriate Encryption, Framework, Design and Architecture that makes the website safe.

We also follow strict internet protocols and cyber law specifications for the safety and security of the website and web content.

User / Admin Manual

We provide, on request an instruction guide/document to use the administrative functions of your website.